Our Committed Values

  1. We are committed –  to teaching the Bible, and using it as our instruction guide.
  2. We are committed –  to salvation through Jesus Christ. ALL can choose Him by confessing and believing.
  3. We are committed –  to a believer’s baptism in water.
  4. We are committed –  to the triune God. God the Father, God the Son who is Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
  5. We are committed –  to seeking the presence of the Holy Spirit including ALL the fruits and ALL gifts of the spirit.
  6. We are committed –  to teaching all believers to serve according to their giftedness.
  7. We are committed –  to fostering authentic, loving and life-giving relationships that build up the community of believers.
  8. We are committed –  to intercessory prayer, inspiring worship, discipleship and spiritual growth.
  9. We are committed –  to reaching the lost and the community around them.
  10. We are committed –  to teaching the Word, so that it can be taken outside of the  church for others to receive.

We are committed, so you will see…. One Living Church… 

I see  –  a church that is driven by the strongest power in the Word…LOVE!!

I see  –  a church that is committed to reaching beyond its walls to be the hands and feet of Christ.

I see  –  a church… God’s church!!

Pastor David Tripp